Sunday, May 29, 2011

We went out and played

Almost every Friday, my best friend, Josie, and I go out to play. And Makati is our playground.
After 2 drinks, I got extremely hungry. I was telling Josie about Maitre Chocolatier (met/sho/koh/luh/ti/) for a week now so we walked a few paces from Fiamma to get our gelato fix. A few blog entries ago, I mentioned that I've been dying to look for the best Ferrero gelato in the Philippines. So far, Chateau Hestia and Maitre Chocolatier are tied for the first position.

They have a mini chocolate grocery on one side of the room

My best friend!
Ferrero gelato with rum!
Jules, Ella, Audrey, Criselle, Camille

Me after a few more drinks.
 Den, Mica, and Erika, thank you for letting us play with you guys! I had such a great time! Happy birthday again to the three of you!

All photos are edited by yours truly!


  1. How many Ferrero gelatos have you eaten in a month? :))

  2. 3! HAHAHA don't judge me! I like my gelato :))