Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You're a charmer

I honestly don't know what to do at this point. I'm completely lost and confused with what's going on. This doesn't mean I want to give up because I told you that you are worth it. But somehow I expected you to compromise with me and exert a little more effort. If this isn't what you want, you can't possibly just leave it to your conscience to tell you not to string me along. I have no right to tell you that I don't like what's been going on because I know you're going to use the "we're just friends" line again. I'll admit what my genuine feelings are. It was never lust nor did I treat you as a pastime. But I guess the spark was never at our fingertips, it was on our lips.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Today made me appreciate you more. Thank you for letting me in.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freedom to express myself.

I'm a terrible blogger. So many important events have already passed and I haven't blogged about them yet so I guess I'll just skip it first and talk about today.

Today was a (in lack of a better term) happy day. Tabbi, Raymund, Maan and I had a lunch meeting with Sir Jay regarding this super secret thing we're planning.

Herb Chicken, Mac and Cheese, and Rice for lunch!
Our own personal server for the afternoon.
All I can say is that the foundation of this super secret thing is going really smoothly and I really see a future for it. I hope I can disclose more information but in due time!

After lunch, I headed to the University Student Government (USG) Office for the Legislative Assembly (LA) session regarding the approval of the abolishment of the university's dress code resolution. It was an amazing first-time experience because I saw my friends in action. Things got pretty intese but thankfully it didn't go out of hand. Bee and I still found time to do crazy things amidst the tensioned room.
Bee and I during the LA session.
Genevieve is one of my friends in the LA and it was great seeing what she does best. I'm truly proud of her and the rest of the majority. 
Gen during the LA session
It made me really happy when they all finally decided to disapprove the resolution. I personally do believe that there should be a dress code in the educational institution I am in for a conducive learning environment. I don't think that EVERYONE is ignorant enough to know how to dress appropriately or not but in such institution, there should be limitations. It prepares one for the future especially in their respective professions. I just think that there should be a more lenient set of parameters for the dress code. I know the minority is disheartened but.... I don't really want my blog to be a source of public dispute. I know that as the administrator of this blog, I have the freedom to express myself but still, that doesn't mean I shouldn't think of how this can affect other people, may it be positively or not. There are just some things you can keep to yourself or to people who you know won't be offended.

On a lighter note, I enjoyed the rest of the day breaking bread with my Santugon family.