Friday, December 16, 2011

Meet my baby.

FINALLY! I'm really proud of my group mates. They really delivered. 
I hope you appreciate this as much as we hope you would!

Thank you, Kettle Mata and Akelle for the score, and Paolo Manga and *Ronnie MURAKAMI* for the music insert.
Don't forget the simple and beautiful things in life this Christmas. Enjoy the Holidays, everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Pakiramdaman ang kapaligiran

No working title yet! I'm really excited for the final product of my baby. Last day of shooting tomorrow. So excited!

Original score by Kettle Mata.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Muse 1

Meet Denise.

Finals week has completely drained my energy. Accounting has sucked out all creativity out of me. I can't wait to get my hands on a camera again. Thank God for a shoot tomorrow for a short film. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brat Pack

If I could live in another era, it would definitely be the 80s. I mean, just look at the boys, and the fashion! The 80s was definitely a good time.
For the past couple of days, I've been watching Brat Pack films from 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller, and Some Kind Of Wonderful.

Look at James Spader's face. BEAUTIFUL!

Matthew Broderick!!! No words can explain how I felt watching this scene.

ERIC STOLTZ. What a beautiful chiseled-face man. If a man like that went to my high school, I mean suppose Poveda is co-ed high school, he would definitely bag dates. How can this good looking guy be on the losing team in the movie!

Sawasdee, Thailand.

Spent 6 days in Thailand about a month ago. A couple of photos on my first day in Bangkok and my first day in Chiang Mai.

Stayed at the Rimping Village in Chiang Mai.

Iced Thai Tea! Favorite!

Friday, December 9, 2011

It's called a WISH list for a reason.

15 things you can get me in the next 15 days before Christmas Eve! Don't judge me.

1. Comme Des Garcon Wallet
Super Fluo Red
Super Fluo Blue

2. Nixon Watch

Nixon Spencer - Matte Black/Gold
Nixon Rerun - Gold
Nixon Time Teller Acetate - Royal Granite

3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Secret Compact - Flamme

It's actually more plum in color up front. It's beautiful!

4. Tory Burch Reva Flats
To tell you the truth, even after everyone has gotten a pair, I'm still craving for my own. Personally, its classy, and much more practical than Ferragamos. 
Fresh Tan
5. A new blackberry.
If you've seen the one I have now, it'll bring you to tears! The side buttons look like they've been chewed on by rats.
Curve 9360
Bold Bellagio 9790
6. iTouch (white)
For a while, I was contemplating whether or not I should get an iPhone 4S or a Blackberry. But since social services for Blackberry is really cheap, I thought, why not get an iTouch AND a Blackberry. Parents, you know how much I want them!
7. Ray Ban Aviators
62 Black

8. LaCie Rikiki USB 3.0 1TB
Not even a year old, my Macbook has 28GB of memory left. It's been abused with too much downloaded crap + softwares I need for my majors. I initially wanted a LaCie Rugged hard drive but the USB 3.0 compatible is in orange, which is one of my hatest colors.

9. Miniature Schnauzer Liver-Parti
I swear to god I will clean my room if someone gets me this dog. I'll make as much space as I can so he (yes, it has to be a boy. neutered!) can run around my room. Ahh gorgeous baby :( I'll name it Chewbacca, nickname Chewie. Oh, no. I'm buggin out as I type this. aKLsjdklasjdklas CUTE

10. T. LeClerc make-up
I'm very picky with my powder, and T. LeClerc is a choice brand. After playing around with different brands in the past, my grandmother gave me a Loose Powder Travel Box, my first taste of T. LeClerc. Instantly fell in love. Now my travel box is emptying fast so I really need another one.
Chair Ambrée Loose Powder
Amande Poudré Powdery Compact Foundation

11. Guerlain Meteorite Perles de Nuit

12. YSL Rogue Pure Shine in Pink Sorbet

13. Anna Sui Secret Wish Magic Romance

14. Bally Cross Body Ellie
I've been a Bally fan for quite sometime now. My favorite Bally cross body bag is far from retirement despite being more than 2 decades old, its still in good shape. I don't know what its called but it looks like this but in two tones of brown. Found Julia Roberts carrying this out of the hotel room in Pretty Woman when she was about to leave Richard Gere. </3

Anyway, what I've been lusting for, for the past month is this Ellie cross body bag by Bally. You know how when you're walking in airports and there are a lot of designer shops, all lined up? This one really caught my attention. I love how its indian-inspired. If you look closely, the zigzag trim extends to the back of the bag. Its really wonderful, especially in real life. 

15. Your sweet lovin'. LOL (See, I'm not materialistic!)