Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UPDATE: Collaborations

So yesterday I got an offer to do a blog collaboration with a few good friends. I couldn't resist and immediately agreed on doing a few posts about my endeavours around the globe. I thought it would take a long process like setting up the blog, figuring out what to write about, all the stuff. But apparently my overly excited friends had set it up already. I'll be cross posting my posts there to this blog just in case you miss anything. So if you're interested to hear about the places we've been to, just click this and have a technicoloured adventure with us. :)

[Starry Eyed; Ellie Goulding (Jakwob dubstep remix)]

Goodnight! I have to wake up at 7am because Ted's my only ride to school :( 


  1. Thanks so much, Renzo! :) I miss you already :( Eng enrollment kanina sobrang nakakapanibago na wala ka :(

  2. I MISS YOU TOO!! :( It's kinda hassle for me to go in and out of school kaya I didn't go. And I don't have business to do in DLSU na. :(

  3. :( But you're my business :( I talked to a random guy kanina from CSB, MMA yung course. May special post sya dito mamaya or tomorrow :)