Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 1

So there's thing going around Facebook and Tumblr called the 30 day song challenge. The meme has certain categories everyday which you have to follow. I'm not really good at these things because I end up forgetting to do them, so this is really a challenge for me. Day 1 is immediately a challenge for me because I have to put my favorite song. The thing is, I don't have one. So I ended up choosing As Long As It Matters by Gin Blossoms only because the song falls under my favorite genre from my favorite decade, plus its not like the songs in this decade. The lyrics are actually meaningful.

The song is actually more special to me than it really is. My stepdad and I weren't really close at the beginning. He got to me the best way he can, and it was through music. He was sort of the rocker back in the day so he introduced me to the genre and to the band. I guess this song is actually my favorite and now I'm starting to regret not watching Gin Blossoms when they had a concert here.

As Long As It Matters; Gin Blossoms (Congratulations... I'm Sorry, 1996)

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