Thursday, May 5, 2011

My best friend, Agnes

University of the Philippines - Diliman was my dream school throughout high school.
I had it all planned out. I'd live with my cousins near SM North EDSA then take a jeep to UP. I'd be a Broadcasting Communications major and have duckpin bowling or walking as my P.E. activity. I'd eat Mang Larry's isaw everyday and bring home a cake from Chockiss to my mom every weekend.

But my dreams came crashing down when I didn't receive this:
So I ended up going here:
But enough about my college life, let me save that for another post.
Summer before our junior year.

Junior year.

My best friend and I planned to go to UPD for the longest time. Our dreams were crushed and while I ended up in De La Salle University (WHICH IS A BLAST IN A GLASS!), my best friend ended up in UP Manila. So we basically ruled Taft in our own territories. I felt like we were Blair and Serena (scene: taking over Paris). 
I don't have weird hair like that, just so we're clear.
We both had plans to shift to UPD after our first year in college. I ended up not applying in another university because I am extremely happy in La Salle. My best friend on the other hand did not like her course in UPM. So a few months ago she applied for a shift request to UPD-Archi. 

Just a few minutes ago, she messaged me saying she got accepted! Initially I was sad, that I have to admit. I didn't want my best friend to leave Taft. But then at times like this, one shouldn't be selfish. I'm now very much overjoyed to hear that my best friend is finally going to be happy and living her dream in UPD. I always knew you were meant for that place. You were the smartest in barkada (sorry guys, this I have to admit). I'm just really happy that you're happy! Even if you'll be leaving Mel, Penny, and me in Taft, you should know that we're extremely proud of you and that no matter how far the North is, we'll be visiting you! Mang Larry's and Chockiss this coming school year? :)

I LOVE YOU, Agnes!

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