Sunday, May 22, 2011

Morning Dew, Morning Dues

I'm usually not a morning person. I'm very cranky and I don't like talking to anyone in the morning. Today was completely different. Maybe because of my lack of sleep. I watched No Strings Attached until 5 in the morning. My stomach forced me to get out of bed and eat. I never eat breakfast. I probably eat breakfast only in the province or in my dad's house and I rarely even go to those places. So while waiting for Nilda, our househelp, to finish cooking corned beef and garlic rice, I decided that this would be my new daily routine. Music, cigarettes, and coffee.
Don't mind the roll of tissue paper. I have a really bad allergy at the moment. 
My friend Deej makes the best playlists. Dirrrrrty Dubs is one of my favorite and most played playlist on my ipod and on my itunes.
Rolling In The Deep (Damn You Mongolians Remix); Adele

My morning skyline
It was pretty breezy when this morning but I didn't expect that it would last. I was right though, I started working up a sweat after breakfast. It was all too awkward when my stepdad went out to the porch while I was smoking so I retreated to my room instead. It was a pretty good start to my day so I'm thinking I might start doing this routine every morning.


  1. It's so sad that you don't eat breakfast. :|

  2. I really don't! Since grade school. I got sanay kasi with buying hot food in school plus I'd be hungry by the time recess came around. I was one of those kids who actually ate during recess AND lunch =))