Friday, May 20, 2011

Bar Dolci

I got to hang out with Melissa, one of my best friends, yesterday. Melissa and I have this shared love affair with Ferrero gelato. We're trying to find the best one in the Philippines. Before last night, I've only tried the one in Chateau Hestia. Melissa and I headed to Bar Dolci, this little cute place in Burgos, to taste their Ferrero gelato. (Sorry again for the crap blackberry photos!)

Ferrero-Tiramisu gelato (Ferrero > Tiramisu)
Different kinds of gelato!
The counter!
I might head to Jupiter next week and try the Ferrero gelato in Maitre Chocolatier. Melissa swears that the place is heaven. They even have Nutella hot chocolate. So I'm pretty excited for next week to come already!

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